Friday, July 05, 2013

Fireside Summer: Creating An Outdoor Fire Pit

This last Christmas my husband and I received a fire pit with stand. I of course wanted to make it a little more rustic, so I decided to do some research. I'm not exactly sure how many videos I watched about those cute little fire pits made from concrete retention wall blocks! The more I watched the more frustrated I became... most of them didn't use a store bought pit! So what did I decide to do? That's right, I just winged it!
I began by removing the top level of dirt and grass in a circular shape, with about a 5 foot diameter. Once I had the area free of grass, my husband leveled the area with pea gravel. (Pictured below).

Next I purchased about 40 basic retaining wall block. I began by laying down the first 10 in a circle. I then tested my pit by placing it down to ensure the lip of the pit fit snugly on the block. I then offset the next set of 10 and continued with the entire 40 block. Then I placed my 29" pit and it fit perfectly.

We do of course have to weed the area, because we failed to place a weed preventer below the gravel.

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  1. Love it! My husband and I have been wanting to make one just like this in our backyard for some time now and we even have the bricks. Looks easy enough! Thanks for the tip on the weeds below the gravel. :)

    1. Hello Summer! Thanks for stopping by!
      I didn't realize how easy it would be before I started. My husband just redid the gravel the other day, bless his heart he took the whole pit down and put down weed preventer with a new layer of gravel. : )

  2. Love this!, I want to make one as soon as I move in to my new home! :D

    1. It is the perfect summer/fall spot! We use it 5 out of 7 nights a week during the summer months!


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