Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer Country Wreath

To give you all a little insight on my home, lets just say that we live in a very cozy cabin. When I explain to most people that I live in a cabin near a lake, their eyes grow wide with surprise! I am not sure if it's because they imagine a two story log cabin with a softly glowing fireplace nestled down in the woods overlooking a small private lake or if they think that a cabin is only for vacations. Well neither of these thoughts are true for me. In fact our cabin is VERY quaint and sits in a row of identical dwellings. It is also only close to a lake.... not on one.
Living in a row of similar cabins I had to make mine set apart. Throughout the run of this blog I will show you how I made my cabin stand apart, as well as how to create your very own rustic and tranquil abode.
One of the things I am always changing is my front door wreath. I find this is the first and easiest way to change the entire look of a home. I am a huge fan of the brightly colored themed wreaths that have made their place on many doors recently, however, my house is not made for such wreath. While walking through my local craft store I settled on a grapevine wreath with a few accent pieces.

The white and brown accent flowers are vines of what appear to be replicated dogwood flowers. I also used a few curly twigs! The bow (if you look very closely) has the word "Paris" written on it. Although I do not have a Paris theme, this ribbon just hit me as perfect! It's texture is very similar to burlap and is very easy to work. The star hanging in the center is just a piece I grabbed off my living room wall.

If there is anything in my posts or pictures you have questions about please feel free to ask!!

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I hope you enjoyed this read!

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