Monday, August 26, 2013

An Apple A Day.... the country way!
A Saturday visit to the family farm apple trees.
 My son thought it was the perfect day to go apple picking, he was so excited to see all the apples hanging from the tree. We picked a bushel from just one tree and didn't even get them all. I was amazed at the amount and size of the apples hanging. I of course had to grab a few shots while we were picking. The largest ones would have easily passed for grocery store size.

Beautiful day, beautiful sky, delicious apples!
Before we even began picking my younger brother and my son had picked dibs on the bigger of the bunch. With all the talk of apples I had to grab a few to make a homemade apple pie. I hope to make that in the next couple of days.
Just before picking, doesn't get better than this!
My son had to make the first pick and he went for one of these big ones. Some were too big for his little hands, but he had a ton of fun trying. 
My dad was so excited about how much the tree had grown over the past few years, it's the most the tree has ever bared. He is always so excited about growing his own fruit, so much so he's given us an apple and peach tree and a blueberry bush. Our Gala Apple tree isn't much yet, but we've only planted it this year. We are excited to see what the future of the tree holds, we hope it grows as well as these.
As unusual as it seems a fruit tree is a perfect gift for a child, our son has taken so much care of our apple tree and claims it as his own. He loves watering it and checking each day to make sure bugs aren't feasting on it. He is able to identify different fruit trees and is always excited to try the fruit when we have grown it at home.
I can't wait to share more growing stories with you! Please visit The Cedar Seasons again soon!

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