Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cupcakes & Love

Sitting down with my laptop and a very large cup of coffee, yes I think so!
My life has been a bit of a mess lately and I am ready to move on. I am getting back to my love of spending quality time with my little man, baking, cooking, crafting and loving life! Life is too short to dwell on the 'coulda beens and wish that was differents'. I have focused too much of my time on things that won't matter in the end and not enjoying this precious life I have been blessed with. So with that out of my mind....
What the weekend holds?
Cupcakes, photographs and yard sales!!
I am so ready for this weekend, we are celebrating my moms birthday! I have decided to make something like a Pineapple/Mandarin Orange Cake with Pineapple/Cool Whip Frosting. I found the recipe in one of my cookbooks and I have decided to do it with my very own twists. I'll definitely post pictures of how it turns out.
I also plan on capturing more photos of my younger brother, it's his senior year of high school and I thought one of my gifts to him would be senior pictures...FREE! Okay, so yes that is more of a gift for my mother but you get the idea... : )
I have a need for some yard sale items, so I hope there are a few out there tomorrow. I have been pinning a few too many things and now am in need of supplies (not found at the local craft store).
I am really in the baking mood these days but I am also in the no red dye and no gluten boat. I am in need of some recipes fitting the bill. If you have any you would like to share please do so! I am on the search for a gluten free pie crust (not using almond flour) that will stand up to a pumpkin pie filling. My wonderful hardworking husband has recently found out that he has celiac disease and his favorite time of year is quickly approaching...pumpkin time! We have tried several different pies and none have come close to the original old fashioned crust I used to make.
I guess this is where I will leave you today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you back here again soon!
Thank you for reading and sharing in this life with me!
*The Cedar Seasons*

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