Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ingredients For A Great Life

*One part cute little blonde fella
*One part handsome husband
*A bit of a fire pit
*A few marshmallows
This is what made my Friday Night a great one. After my son willingly ate all of his dinner (yes this is a miracle) we decided to have a family treat out at the fire pit. It was, I will admit, a little hard to get the fire started because of the humidity. My husband and I both fought with the matches and the wood for several minutes. Once we finally got it going, our son decided that he didn't really want roasted marshmallows, go figure : ).


 Mmmm Roasting Marshmallows...

But my husband and I had a great time roasting! We even got a few minutes to relax on the newly painted back deck. There had been so much going on in our work related lives we forgot to talk about other things. Like what groceries we needed, what was happening in the next couple of weeks, and that we had just become an aunt and uncle! We are so excited about the addition to our family. We have sadly only been able to see pictures because they live so far away (like on the other side of the U.S.) but we are hoping to see her during the holidays!

Keeping the skeetos (as my son says) away!

I hope you too can find a few moments to relax with your family and loved ones. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend.

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Love & Blessings Always

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