Friday, September 27, 2013

Kentucky Wildlife Pictures (Fun for Kids!)

So often we go about our lives missing the small things that truly are very important. I am guilty of this myself and have noticed the effort my son goes to when showing me things that interest him. I easily forget how amazing it is to see animals in the wild and what a learning experience it is for him. So the two of us decided to go on a little exploring adventure and were very excited about what we had found. The beauty of nature is so easily forgotten! We would like to share our finds with you!
Grey Herring:
 We saw this amazing bird on the Ohio River, it  just landed to catch a fish!
My son was so excited to see it catch a fish so easily!
Wild Turkey:
We were actually in the car on a county road when I spotted these huge birds!
There were a few 'toms' behind the tree branches on the right!
 They had huge beards!!

 Praying Mantis:
We found this insect on the side of my parents house.
I love how they are always found with 'praying hands'.
We should always find ourselves with praying hands!
Fence Lizard:
My dad spotted this huge lizard on the wood pile.
He was a hit with my son!
My son caught this at the family lake.
I don't usually get into fishing but this year I have!

American Toad:
We found this in our fire pit, but we rescued him before we started it!
My son loved hearing him!
Want to learn more about the American toad? Click Here
The beautiful sunset, these are always my brothers favorite pictures.
He's always sitting on the ridge waiting for the perfect angle!
We hope you enjoyed these beautiful pictures.
If you also live in KY I have found a few fun items you can use to spot and track animals at your house. Your kids will love spending an hour or so looking for what is living just outside your door! Click the links below!! 
If you don't live in KY, be sure to check out the Department for Fish and Wildlife for your state!
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