Sunday, October 27, 2013

Anniversaries & Fun

After 33 Years.....

(We bought them a pair of candle holders that had pinecone bases)
My parents marriage is still going strong! I love that their love for each other has been my lifetime example. We celebrated their 33rd Anniversary on Saturday. They were married on October 19, 1980. It's funny actually the number 19 is one of my favorite numbers...and you're wondering why. Well...let's do the math. I was born on July 19, parents 6th Anniversary was on October 19, 1986...yup that is some exact science. It's like the perfect pregnancy....a grand total of exactly 9 months. Such a cute story...especially since it was about me coming into the world! ....But I guess we should move on...
A Meal For True Love....
We had homemade enchiladas and my semi-famous black bean and corn salad. We had Oreo ( my son says) Pie for dessert. It was delish. Check the recipe page for the Cookie-O Pie Recipe! 

(Super yummy Cookie O Pie-Find the recipe on the recipe page)

(Sorry about the glare, I'm not good with the lighting at my parents house yet)
Other Fun Things....
So I am sure everyone has heard of the little elf that sometimes sits on someone's shelf. Well I have wanted one for sometime but heave never managed to get ahold of one. So the other day I am shopping around Hobby Lobby, and all of a sudden I spot two of the "knock off" guys in someone's shopping cart. It takes my every being from grabbing them from her cart...I restrained myself...and happened upon them in the very next aisle. The price...3.99 with an additional 40% off! YES, that's right. Okay so it's not the one that costs 24.00 dollars, but it's just as cute and will get the job done! I can't wait to figure out what I will do with him. --I also found out that you can buy a used version of the book for really cheap on Amazon!
(Find out our plan for the little Elf and his name in the upcoming posts!)
I have also put together my son's Halloween Costume! The vest is finished, the badge for his trick-or-treat bag is finish, and a costume for his toy dog 'Charlie'. We decided that since Charlie is a bulldog, he would make the perfect Rubble. I will post pictures of my creation! Also, do you remember me struggling to figure out how I would dye my son's hair for this occasion. Chalk did NOT workout, so I am using brown eye shadow. It washes out perfectly and gives his blonde locks and darker hue.
The Final Days of Warmth....
We were able to have a hotdog roast while the temperature was nice last weekend. We did have to bundle up a little because my dad and brother decided to talk to our neighbors forever, so we were roasting in the moonlight. It was a huge occasion for my little family because my picky little eater ate a hotdog, I wasn't able to talk him into my homemade potato salad, but I didn't want to push my luck! I am hoping to get one last fire roast before it's too cold, but we will see how that pans out.
I guess this is where I'll leave you and with these words...
~Don't just entertain new ideas--put them to work!
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