Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Antiques, Recipes & Fall Fun

Happy Fall Wednesday All!
I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend (and start to this week) and that you were able to enjoy time with your family.
My husbands parents came in for the weekend and we made our trip to the old school house antiques shop. I just love window shopping to see what others have created or saved all these years. I left the antique shop without purchasing anything, which I regret now that I am at home. I found a set of older anchor and hawking glass bowls. I ended up talking myself out of them, but wish I hadn't. Don't you despise just want to cry when you do things like that? I do! 

Spending time at home and.....

My son and I have ventured into the kitchen to create some cake pop ice cream cones. These were so much fun to make! If you would like a recipe let me know in the comments box below! We also made a few crafts, here is a picture of the snowflakes we made. He's been asking non-stop when Christmas will be here or when it's going to snow. Since we live in KY, snow won't be here for a while, we decided to make our very own.  I have been showing him the pictures of the snow hitting Colorado, he gets so excited.

(The upside down cup is an owl craft we made together)

Fall Festivals are the best.....

I am also excited about the upcoming festival in Mt. Sterling, Ky. It's the annual court days, I am really looking forward to finding some unusual pieces to recreate for my home. I also want to start selling a few of my creations, well if I create anything worth selling ; )

It's been raining all day so....

 I have been in the kitchen a lot I have several new recipes to post! One of them is in the oven right now : )

(I don't actually use the bottom squash in the recipe)
I just peeled and chopped a butternut squash, a sweet potato and a carrot. I'm roasting them in the oven with some salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. It smells amazing, I am hoping it turns out to be a great soup. Since we live in a small cabin it's easy to scent the place up with what ever is cooking (good or ...gasp...bad). Thankfully this meal is smelling pretty good!
(The veggies...after roasting)
  You can also find more on my recipe page, be sure to check them out before you leave.

And I will leave you with this....

"It's more important to know where you're going than to see how fast you can get there."

Thank you for visiting The Cedar Seasons!
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