Thursday, October 17, 2013

Costumes & Holiday Gifts

Halloween Happenings...
So of course my little man decides that he wants to be Ryder from Paw Patrol (Nickelodeon). Ryder is the fella in the middle, yup the one with the brown hair and brown eyes. My first thought is yeah of course you do, because you're blonde headed and blue eyed : )
It's such a new show on TV there isn't even a toy line out yet...let alone costumes. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to get my kiddo to look like Ryder...and I have decided against spraying his hair. I'm scared that it may stay dark for too long, so I bet you're thinking...well get to it already. Drum Roll Please---Brown Chalk, yes I'll have to buy several boxes of sidewalk chalk, but it should work! To create his vest we pulled one of his out from last season and I bought some sticky felt for the Paw Patrol badge. And for anyone who watches Paw Patrol, Ryder is so cool because he rides around on a red ATV. So yes, we will be decorating up my son's red ATV to ride around on for trick or treat! <== Wish me luck on my venture...I'll update you as I get things completed!
Tis The Season For Craft Making & A Few Tears....
I have just about finished shopping for Christmas this year...GASP...yes I know, over-achiever, but I'm not really, I've just been looking around for sale items! It means I'll be able to spend more time cooking, baking and spending time with my family! But...yes there is ALWAYS a but...the last thing we have to get together is a craft I'm doing with my son. I bought the scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and ceramic tiles today! Yes we are making coasters! I went to my parents house to use my Cricut to cut out the perfect size squares...and my Cricut wouldn't work! I can't get the "next" button to work to send it to be cut. : ( I am so sad! Has anyone else had this problem? If so PLEASE help me fix it! --Back from that tangent--I instead used my mom's fabric cutter and cutting board to create my paper squares, it worked out great. I'm also letting my little man use some acrylic paint to decorate a fifth coaster for each set, I wanted each set to have a memory piece. I plan on putting his name and age on each of those tiles. I'm so excited!! : )
This Is Where I Shall Leave You....
I have many exciting posts and recipes coming up in the next couple of days. I went shopping today and found some cute items I want to share with everyone. Also... I am planning a Super Secret Surprise Anniversary Party for my parents and have a few fun things planned!
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