Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Planning a day hike for you and your family? Me too!

I have a few tips and tricks to save you time and money!
 I will also place links of items I love to use on day hikes below!
*Yes you want to take a small backpack.
Especially if you are taking a child.

~Put It In The Pack~
-Bottled water
-First Aid Kit (with extra band aids)
-Antibacterial Wipes
-Granola/Fruit Bars
-Towel/Picnic Blanket
-Bug Spray (or alternative)
-Sun Screen
-Cell phone (if you have one)
-Area map
Since I am taking my son...I am also taking a few extra snacks for him and a change of clothes.

~Keep It In The Car~
-Extra clothes and shoes
-Cooler with bottled water
-Healthy snacks

~What To Wear~
-Comfortable shoes and socks
(not new boots or shoes...break them in for a day or two first)
-Well fitted clothing
-Hat if you prefer

BPA Free Water Bottles

Bug Repellant Bracelet

Find a National Park

Extra Tips & Tricks
-If you are taking kids...don't plan a hike that will last more than a couple hours.
 Be sure make several stops along the way.
-If you are taking a Nalgene bottle, pack it full of ice, then fill it to the top with water.
-Use a small locking tote box for sandwiches and chips, place this in the backpack.
(You won't have any upset pb&j eaters)
-Don't take more in the backpack than necessary, you don't want to have to carry ten pounds and a child!
-Don't drink coffee before a hike...too many potty breaks will ensue.
-Be aware of poison your research!

Enjoy your hike!

Please visit The Cedar Seasons again soon!

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