Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Storms

Rain, Rain is here to stay....

It's supposed to be super rainy here on trick-or-treat night, bummer : ( so my husband and I planned an alternative for our favorite person in the world. Our son will still be dressing up (since I've put so much time and creativity into his costume) and we will be taking him to my parents house for a Fun Filled Halloween Evening. I am also making mummy dogs and my mom is making gooey witch fingers (mozzarella sticks) with blood dipping sauce (pizza sauce) and Frankenstein eyeballs (sausage balls). We've planned a few games and picked out a couple movies. My dad will probably heat up the popcorn machine and we've bought quite a bit of candy so our little "Ryder" can still go trick-or-treating!   So all in all, I am actually more excited about Halloween this year, since we won't be going door to door and instead spending time with each other.
Cookies, Cupcakes & Candy....Oh My!
(My son wont eat cookies and milk, unless he has his mug rug!)
I've been in the kitchen all morning with my son. He loves cooking and baking anything! It's so fun watching him learn what ingredients we use most in sweets. He knows his sugar and brown sugar very well. (At this point, he can still recite all ingredients needed for chocolate chip cookies)! We've made chocolate chip cookies, mummy cupcakes and our famous chewy peanut butter bars! The recipes for these can be found in the recipe tab!
(Have left over cookie dough? Don't want to freeze a big blob? Don't want to toss it out? Check out our cookie recipe for a great tip!)
We hope you have a wonderful Halloween with your family! Stay safe and dry!
(Mummy Cupcakes!)
November is just around the corner....
Can you believe it?
 Just a few weeks more and December will be knocking at our door!
I'm gathering my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving and working on my giveaways! I will be doing at least 4 giveaways in the two months ahead of us!  Follow The Cedar Seasons to get updates on giveaways!
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  1. Hi Lyn,
    This is a fun post. I love seeing the little ones all dressed up - It was many, many years now but I can still remember some Halloweens when I was little.
    Your sweets look wonderful.

    1. Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by!
      I so enjoyed Halloween as a child, but it stresses me out so much as a parent! The things we do for love! : )


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