Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I have to begin by admitting that my son has talked me into putting up our small Christmas tree in the kitchen/dining area. We used our metal cookie cutters to decorate! I'm still thinking up the perfect tree topper for it! I am still trying to restrain myself from putting up all of my decorations...but it is so hard to say no! Bless my husband, he ended up bringing home all the Christmas totes from storage (aka my parents place) which I appreciate completely, but now it's just sitting here staring me in the face. I thought a couple times I could actually hear the sound of Christmas Carols echoing from the stack.
Our Christmas things do need to be up before the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We are beginning a new tradition...I HOPE...my husbands parents are coming down to celebrate Thanksgiving with us that day, and I thought it would be fun to have the tree up with lights on ready for ornaments. I am hoping they will enjoy helping my son decorate the tree.
Is your tree or any decorations up yet? Or at least do you maybe want to?? : )

*Crafting Time*
Get your crafting tools ready! I pinned a super cute picture a few weeks back, and decided to try my hand at it. The picture I saw used white Tic Tac's and really expensive looking material. Since my family doesn't like the white ones and I had extra red felt left over from Halloween I created my own version!  
1 Package of Tic Tac's (I used the Holiday Mix)
1 4in. x 2in. piece of sticky back red felt
1 4in. x 2in. piece of wrapping paper
1 6in piece of 1/4 inch black ribbon
Yellow and red printing paper.
Hot glue
Xacto Knife

(Before cutting the felt measure it using your tic tac container. I noticed there are actually several different size boxes! Also if you are wondering how I got a container of all green with the holiday label...well I bought several containers, used the Xacto to cut around the edge of the lid and separated the colors...my little fella can't have red dye!)
Put It Together
Peel off the sticky back of the felt (or use all purpose glue) then  place the wrapping paper onto the felt.
You may need to trim around the edges for a clean look.
Using your hot glue, just as it warms up, glue the mint container to the right side of the wrapping paper.
Fold the left side of felt over the mint container.
Crease it in the middle twice to form a faux binding.
Hot glue the ribbon around the middle outside of the felt.
Using your Xacto, cut a belt buckle from the yellow paper and glue to front side on the black "belt".
For an added finishing touch create a cute saying to glue on the inside.
I printed mine off on red printing paper.
For my son's green Tic Tac's I used....I heard you've been rotten, so here is the scoop. All you get for Christmas is Grinch Poop.
I think these will be so cute in the stockings this year!

*As Requested*
The gluten free stuffing muffin recipe is up on the recipe page! Click here for the recipe!
Thank you for your interest in the recipe! You all have no idea how exciting that is to me! It's like putting on a coat that you haven't worn since last winter, reaching into the pocket and finding a twenty! Okay...no I haven't had that happen to me, but I imagine that it would be pretty awesome! I am so thankful for each and every reader!! You all are great!
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I am so excited about getting new followers! Thank you for making my day!
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Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read!
Blessings Always from The Cedar Seasons!


  1. Hi Lyn! My kids would have our tree up already too but it's a bit early for hubby! I love getting the lights all around.
    That's a fun stocking idea!
    I love the giveaway and hope it goes well I. Didn't enter as I live in the UK.
    Best wishes

  2. I love holiday crafts and this looks like fun! Hugs!

  3. What a wonderful thing to for your in laws! My decorating is all finished. Just enjoying

  4. haven't done any Christmas decorating yet but i actually thought about it. I like to wait till after Thanksgiving.

  5. Sounds like fun. Cherish your moments with your parents. My husband's momma died suddenly last week. Life is all the more precious and fragile in my sight.


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