Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Making Old Things New Again

What's been going on with me??.....

I have begun a new project! My parents kept my childhood rocking chair and I decided now would be a great time to restore it to it's former glory. It was a mess too...the fabric was tattered, the cushion disintegrated, and one arm rest had fallen off. But I think it will look amazing when I'm finished. (See before picture below) I plan on sanding down the finish and staining it a black walnut color. The fabric I picked out is cream with the black images. I am hoping to have it finished before Christmas. My son will love watching movies, drink hot cocoa and rock in his "new" chair. I hope it turns out to be cute enough for him to keep for his children.  At this point it's about 26 years old, my parents bought it on my first Christmas.

Okay so I know it's not in the best shape...but it will be soon!

Fun Additions....

My goal this week is to create a YouTube channel to link with my blog. I am planning to make videos to go with some of my recipes, DIY's and crafts. Once I get it up and running I will let everyone know! My first videos should be holiday related!!
Trick or Treat....
After spending so much time and money on creating a Halloween Party at home, it didn't rain. So we ended up taking our little man out for an hour. He really raked it in this year! He even got a new Take N Play engine from his Mamaw & Papaw! He was so happy! He was excited to dress up as Ryder, except we opted out of the hair coloring. His blonde locks were perfect as is... after he had a new hair cut we used some pomade to stick it up. He loved the hair style so much, he insists on a similar style each time we go out! 

 --This is our Halloween meal--

 (Mummy Dogs)
(Gooey Witches Fingers)                                                                         (Frankenstein Eyeballs)

Lions & Tigers & Breakfast OH MY!...

As I was cleaning out my cabinets the other day I ran on to my pancake molds. I totally forgot I
had them! I picked them up at a yard sale for fifty cents, washed them up and stowed them away! After giving them another good wash today, I knew my son would LOVE to have some fun shape pancakes. We decided on the Lion...instead of the other two animals. These are such a fun way to enjoy breakfast. Here is a link to a few I found online-- Pancake Molds.

Dinner tonight consisted of oven roasted chicken legs and cheesy bacon mashed potatoes. I'll put the recipe for the chicken on the recipe page! I also have a few extra pictures I would like to share. The colors of fall are beautiful.
(Oven Roasted Chicken Legs)

 Love this season!

--Release your trouble & restate your blessings.--

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