Saturday, November 16, 2013

Middle of November?!?

I can't believe it's already half way over, it feels like 11/1 was just yesterday. It's so crazy to realize how fast time really does go by when you're an adult. I can remember so plainly growing up as a child and thinking I would never be in college and on my own. And here I am at 26, married for almost five years with a three year old son and college has quickly come and gone. I really need to slow down and enjoy small moments. But why does it seem as though there is never time to do such things?
(First signs of winter!)
We've had our first snow! My son was so excited. We bundled up and played for quite a while. It was fun watching him make tracks, until he started making snow balls and needed a target. *Yes Me* It was a beautiful snow. Fluffy and it didn't disturb travel. There was one school that cancelled. Yes really! I couldn't believe it either! It was so nice waking up to realize that the soft white blanket had covered the ground. As I told my son, "A sure sign that Santa will be here soon."

(I really need to put up my tree now...yes the snow is gone...but...)
*Barely Black Friday*
The ad's are being released online, the specials keep happening earlier and earlier every year. Before we know it the big wigs will try to knock out the time we need so desperately to spend together. Don't get me wrong, I love getting a good deal...but really 6 PM on Thanksgiving  Day!! That's prime family time. I just pray that everyone that goes out uses their common sense. Too often people get hurt for no reason at these events!
--Let's move to better things--
I have a giveaway that I want to start Monday. It would be part of my Thanksgiving Series. Do you all have any tips for doing giveaways? I just hope that when I do it, someone out there tries to win! It would really make my day! I never dreamed that keeping a blog would take this much work! Kudos to those who do it will a full family life!
 (The sun beginning to peak out from the clouds)
*Videos and Such*
I had been working hard on my video and went to upload it and after 8+ hours, it tells me it's not in the correct format. I will be trying again tonight to get it up and going! I really want this to work out!

(Just another little upcrafting! This star now goes perfectly with my mom's d├ęcor!)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day!

Thanks for visiting The Cedar Seasons!


  1. I agree time goes by really fast! I try to enjoy the simple moments, but some days it isn't easy. Today was one of those days! :)

    We had our first snow (just a dusting) this week. Megan was super excited!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I live in Eastern KY and I think we got more snow than anyone else in the state. It was gone by evening though!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!!

  2. Hi Lyn, your snow is so pretty. It's a rainy Sunday here. The year truly has flown by so fast.

    I don't do Black Friday, I would rather go to walmart at 10 at night when no one is there.

    Good luck with your video.



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