Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Plans

I will begin with my weakness, in that, I gave in to my little man. The tree is up, but only with the lights. It's a sweet reminder that the holidays will soon be here!
Now onto the Thanksgiving preparations....
*The Table*
I've put together two place setting ideas. They are both super cheap to do and give a simple touch of autumn to the table. I'm honestly not the type to go all out, because we don't do the dinner at my house. My son and I decided to go the more kind friendly way and are using the turkey cups!
These super cute turkey cups were easy to make and very cheap.
We picked up the kit at Michaels. My only complaint is how the picture shows it being put together. Well they were wrong. None of the sticky back made sense, so we winged it. We also decided to turn the cup up so we can put fun treats inside or veggies!
If you want to go with a more autumn look, you can pick up maple branch picks from your dollar store or craft store. I separated a larger one into single branches. You can use a sharpie to put a name on one leaf from each branch, then tie a coordinating ribbon to make a bow.
I hope you like these enough to create them for your own place setting! 
*Other Things*
I'm not sure how many of you all bake a turkey for Thanksgiving, but that's what we do at my parents place. One thing I have learned over the years is that unless you brine the turkey and baste it ever hour, it wont be tender and juicy when you cut into it.  Well with all the other things going on around the house we don't really have a lot of time to spend hovering over the oven to make sure the turkey is well basted. My secret weapon....turn the turkey over....yes breast side down. Yes...I know that when it comes to dinner time, the turkey wont have that golden crisp skin of perfection but I promise it will taste divine. So in the your taste buds care about how pretty it is? : )
Also, if you spend Thanksgiving with your entire family, don't forget to draw names for Christmas. Our family always draws names for a $10 Christmas Eve gift. It's so nice to share stories, play games and give a small gift the night before. It's our perfect little tradition. (Another secret of mine...I LOVE when my Dad or my little brother (not so little, he's 17) draws my name! It's nice to see what they pick out, the gift doesn't even matter. I just love that they have put the thought into it!
Don't forget to click the link below to enter for a chance to win my Old Friends fleece throw.
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Less than a week, until the draw!

*Thanksgiving Blessings*
I want to end this post with wishing each of you a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. If you travel please watch out for everyone on the roads! And don't just stay in the kitchen all day, be sure to enjoy the nieces, nephews and grandkids!
Be sure to join us again the weekend after Thanksgiving to see if you are the winner of our Old Friends Fleece Throw! & Join us every week after for fun Christmas ideas, crafts and even more giveaways!!

Blessings Always

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  1. Hi Lyn. I don't like to decorate for Christmas till after Thanksgiving too. Your place setting ideas are cute.

    I've never brined our turkey, maybe I should try it this year. I also just read somewhere too that if you put the turkey breast down in the roaster its better.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.


    PS. Thanks for your comments on my post about the belsnickels. You should up in my email as a no reply blogger.

    1. Thank you so much, I had no idea! I think it's fixed now. : )

  2. It has been super hard to resist decorating for Christmas as Megan has asked a million times! I am holding on to tradition and the tree won't go up until the day after Thanksgiving. I enjoy the simplicity of Thanksgiving and don't want to crowd it out.

    The paper cup turkey is cute. I will file that way until next year.


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