Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas Traditions & Giveaway

I know I've been away from the computer for a few days, but I am back and ready to share some wonderful Christmas crafts and fun! I just feel so determined to make this one of the best memories for my son. I continue to try to instill in him the true meaning of the CHRISTmas. The miracle of the season is the reason we all have a chance to be with God when our lives are over, and I hope that he grows up knowing that it's not just about gifts and food. That it is also about Christ, faith, love, hope, family and believing in the things we can't see but know deep down are ever present. So with that in mind, I'll now dive into the wonderful things we've been up to this wonderful season.

*Family Outings*

We had the opportunity to attend the Festival of Trees & Trains this year at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland. I have, admittedly, lived in this part of KY my entire life, but had yet to adventure out to see it. It sadly only lasts for about a week, but I am so glad I was able to share the first experience with my two handsome fellas and my momma too! It was quite fun, I had no idea we would be voting for our favorite. There were so many to choose from. I ended up voting for the tree that reminded me most of home. My son and husband spent half an hour admiring the train display. My son asked to stay for a few more hours, he is obsessed with trains, but we managed to get out after an hour. These beautiful trees gave me much inspiration for future trees.

           (I voted for this tree)                               (My mom voted for this one)

We watched the cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and made a little treat we pinned a few weeks back. We decided to go with kiwi instead of grapes. It was a healthy alternative to all the sweets that everyone will soon have in their kitchens. My son had so much fun putting them together, but they didn't last long! Kiwi and strawberries are his all time favorite.

(We used a marshmallow for the top)
We have also made these adorable reindeer out of clothes pins! I had my son color them up with a brown marker and we worked together to glue on the rest! We are going to use these for a Christmas Eve game. Each attendant will get one through the door. There will be a secret word, if any person is caught saying that word, the listener will get to take their deer. (Yes, it's a lot like the baby shower game).

*Little Elf*
Our little Elf made his way to our house on the first day of December. He has brought so much joy to our little man. His name is Darfun (as named by our son). We even woke up to blue candy canes on our tree one morning! And he managed to find our son at his grandparents house!!

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  1. My favorite tradition driving around to look at lights. Megan gets in her jammies, we pop some corn, add some m&m's and hit the road to drive around and look at lights. We ooohhh and aaahhh, listen to Christmas music and have time to talk and laugh together.

    Those are some pretty trees. I especially like the one you choose. It has the homespun look I enjoy.

    1. I think I may have just found a new tradition to start! Love...Love...Love this idea.

  2. My favorite tradition is watching the kids open their presents and write thank you letters to santa

  3. what wonderful memories you are making with your son. The trees were so pretty. Neat train.

    We used to have the tradition of listening to Dickens "A Christmas Carol" but we haven't done that for awhile. We don't have a tv

  4. Follow you 618mom22boys

    And our family tradition is I get the boys a movie, new pjs, and a new blanket. They get to open this on Christmas Eve then we get in our pjs, snuggle with the new blankets and watch a new movie

    vandenbossche3 at hotmail dot com

  5. I know it's an exciting year for your family! I love the little elf working his magic...we have a few around our house, too! My husband and I have a tradition of driving around to see the Christmas lights every year! It's a fun outing! I mentioned you on my blog this morning! Hope you can stop by to visit! Sweet hugs!

  6. I just found you via "Lavender Dreams". You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed my visit, and hope you pop over to mine sometime. I'm in Montana and have lots of wildlife photos to share. I believe I'll sign on to follow you, and invite you to follow mine as well. Have a wonderful holiday season.


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