Monday, December 02, 2013

Giveaway Winner!!

*Blessed As Ever*
What a busy week and weekend we've had! Finally having the time (and energy) to set down and write.  I hope everyone had a wonderful and very blessed Thanksgiving, our family absolutely did. It always amazes me how much I miss all the festivities once they are over. It's a good think that Christmas is just around the corner, I at least have those fun things to plan.


*Trees & Other Pretty Things*
Our house is all decked out for Christmas. The bigger of our two trees is fully decorated and a couple gifts have even found their way beneath the branches.
I believe I may be very close to having everyone checked off my Christmas list this year. I only have two or three more items to purchase, and I'll be ready. It's been a fun adventure finding things that everyone wants...but finding them for a deal! It's actually nice to budget myself and not go over board. I have been known to do that in the past, I always figured that since I was working my tootsies off, I would fully enjoy buying very nice things for everyone. But now that I have been taking time off with my son, I don't have that same cash flow. I truly appreciate the season even more now. It's more about the thought and love put into the search...and not the actual gift at all!

*What To Expect This Month*
I have pulled together a list of some great holiday crafts, tips, recipes and of course more giveaways. It's so hard to restrain myself from putting everything on one post! I have worked really hard on creating a calendar of events to go through here on The Cedar Seasons. Trying Very Hard To Resist. But it does mean I'll post several times each week! : )

I also have yet another blogger question....I have read many forums about bloggers wanting to get comments, but they feel that asking questions in their posts seem a little crazy. question is...Does the fact I enjoy writing as though I am talking directly to each one of you (and inserting a few questions) make my posts strange? I sincerely hope not! I am always ready to learn new I hope I wont be crazy to continue doing what I love!

*And The Winner Is*
I will begin by saying that I am THRILLED about the new followers I have and the comments I have received. It's been such a true joy to check in and see there are fun things to read! I appreciate each one of you and I hope to continue to write about things everyone here enjoys.
Now...drum roll please...........

Diane from Lavender Dreamer
You are the winner of the very first Cedar Seasons Giveaway!

For those of you that entered, don't frown!
 There are several more giveaways coming!

Thank you so much for reading The Cedar Seasons!
Don't forget to follow and come back each week for new fun!
~Blessings Always~


  1. WOW! I'm so excited to be the winner! Thank you so very much. It's always fun to have something to look forward to in the mail! I usually ask a question at the end of my posts, too....I talk to my readers as if they are my best girlfriend, sitting in the room with me. Have FUN! And happy holidays! Can't wait to read the posts you have planned! Hugs!

  2. Congrats Diane. Thanks Lyn for hosting the giveaway.

    And no Lyn, I don't think you have strange post's because you ask questions. Just let me say this...I love to get comments on my posts but that don't always happen. Its like people look at it and just keep going, so I tried asking questions to see if I could get them to comment.

    Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. You just post however you want to but don't be discouraged if you don't get alot of comments. You will have to develop a following of loyal commentors, I found that's what happened to me.

    Of course the more you comment on other posts, I believe the more ladies will comment on yours. Sorry my answer got so lenghty.


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