Saturday, December 14, 2013

Packages with Ribbons & Bows

I know that for some people gift wrapping can be quite daunting!
But I want to change that for you!

*When gift wrapping it is always better to start with a box.
I don't know how many times I have seen beautiful paper and beautiful bows, wrapped around a gift in some sort of "Return of the Mummy" fashion. Unless that's the theme you're going for....keep reading! If the gift isn't in a nice box, then find one! Seriously, look around your house! If not the post office has some amazing options! Are you worried that someone won't want a box that says bulk potato chips on the side? No worried, take the box apart at the seams and hot glue it back together.
*Next, invest in clear packing tape. Scotch tape is AMAZING, but not for taping down the flaps of a box. You'll thank me for this later. : )
*Next, grab your wrapping paper, scissors and yes the scotch tape. (Clear will hold best)!
*Measure TWICE, cut once. I will admit that I have gotten a big head and cut the paper too quickly, then end up with a "short" of mess at the end. If you are unsure, add a few extra inches to the length, we can always cut that off later!!
*Now place the paper flat out on the surface (the floor is best) and lay your box top or front side down, (you don't want your receiver to search for the top of the package) in the middle of the paper.

*Fold one side of the wrapping paper over and tape it down. I have seen many people skip this step, and end up with a wrinkled package.

*Pull up the other side of the wrapping paper. Pull it tightly but, be sure not to tear it. Fold the edge under about a half an inch to create a clean seam. Tape it down in several spots. You can never use too much tape : ).

*To the sides.....fold and tape as shown in the pictures below. Tape at each step for the cleanest look.

*At any point where there would be an edge showing, fold it over for a cleaner look!

**When it comes to decorating the package, just go with sight. Don't tape anything down until you do a sight check first!
I hope this was some what helpful!
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