Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back In The Routine

I guess I should just start off by saying that I am worn out! I am now back to work and although I miss my little man (like CRAZY) I think we are both doing quite well with the separation time. At this point he should be okay being away from me during the day (five days a week) since the first three years of his life were spent this way, but after enjoying a few months together 24/7, we both had a little separation anxiety! I figure he's doing so well because he knows I'll be making money again, and he's already asked for new shoes! < Yup he is definitely my child!

*Those Pesky Resolutions*
Did you make any for this year? If you have I really hope they are working out for you! Thankfully I started mine about a month before 2014, and I have fully given the control to God and I am holding strong. I am officially down 27 lbs.! I am super excited about it, but I also know that I have many more to go! I have worked out each day and intend to continue this routine. Working has helped me out, I am so focused on teaching those kiddos that I don't even crave! So my best advice to you...if you are still trying to hit those resolutions hard (no matter how big or small) give God the control! He won't let you down!

*Collecting Seeds*
I have noticed all the stores beginning to fill up their shelves with garden goodies! I have already managed to buy about 10 packages of seeds, and then my husband has bought more than I care to count! We are going to try a few new items this year; green onion, cauliflower and mustard spinach! Have any of you tried these things out? Do you have any tips?

(You can see the lettuce sprouts and the horse toy in the middle)!!
We have began a little indoor garden as well! My son received a garden dome for Christmas and he talked us into putting it together. He gets so excited about growing veggies! We decided to start the carrots, lettuce and strawberries. The lettuce has already began to sprout! It is so fun watching him learn to be patient and know that with time it will grow!

*Stock Up*
With my new interest in creating lower sodium foods I have finally pulled out my new stock pot and put it to good use! I made homemade chicken stock for our soups! It was yummy! I'll put the ingredients and directions on the recipe page! I was able to use some for dinner that night and also put two quarts and one pint away! It freezes well in freezer bags and even in an ice cube tray. (I did not add extra salt to my stock or recipe but you can)!

(I always remove the fat that collects at the top before I use)

I have also found a few new items at the store! We were super excited to try these so they have been made and consumed!

Yes it's Gluten Free!

Gluten & Red Dye Free- Devils Food Cake Mix!

*Summer Dishes*
I've started to pull out my Spring & Summer recipes and edit them according to the needs/diet restrictions of my family. So far I have only re-done my potato salad recipe! It was so good! I'll be putting that recipe up soon.

*Blessings Always*
I want to thank you for reading my blog! I still love writing, creating and sharing with you all!!
Thank you for reading!!
~The Cedar Seasons~


  1. Congrats on your missing 27 lbs.

  2. Hey, you are doing great! Congratulations!

  3. Great job with the weight loss!

  4. An interesting post. Well done for the weight loss, could do with losing a few Christmas pounds myself! Didn't make any New Years resolutions!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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