Thursday, January 09, 2014

Refashioning the Old

The extreme cold has finally broken here in KY, so my boys and I were able to spend some much needed time outside today! My husband and I have begun clearing out the brush behind our cabin, around the trees. I am hoping to get a hammock up in the Spring, and maybe even a big play set for our little man. Being outside working really gets me into the "Spring" spirit.
I love all the new life that comes with each spring....
only a month or two until we feel the real Spring.

*Refashioning the Old*
I finally finished up the rocking chair I used as a child. I'll create a step by step how to post and place it on the DIY page!

Above: I had already taken the screws out! Look at the wear and tear of 26 years!
Below: The rocker portion, pretty decent shape after all this time!
I had to remove the upholstery and stuffing as well as sand it down!
After a few new folds of fabric, nice new dark stain, clear finish and a few rounds on the sewing machine (by my mom) is the finished product!
The finish is darker, but the flash brightened it up too much!

My son loves it so much!
Most of the time when it's not in use his stuffed animal toy dog, Charlie, sets here!

*Healthy New Me*
I have had a comment or so about how I have gotten into the swing of things, as far as loosing weight and getting back to a healthy me!
I've pulled together a few things that helped me get started...

*First and foremost...don't think of it as a Diet! Think of it instead as a Living! I've always disliked being on a diet, but I LOVE being on a living! After all that is what I'm striving for; aren't you?

*Now, I will say that I am a complete foodie! I love  to make it, photograph it, and even just look at it...but sadly it doesn't stop there! I love to consume it too...This is where my problem started. But I have admitted my problem! That is always the first step, identify the problem! After identifying the problem, now that worth my health? I didn't think so!

*Stop saying I CAN'T! Because YOU CAN! Begin by looking at the nutrition facts on the foods you eat everyday. The calories, serving size, servings per package and the sodium content! Most adults should only consume about 2,300 calories a day, if your trying to maintain your weight and an adequate amount of sodium the average adult needs each day is only about 500 mg! Does that give you some motivation? : ) Believe it or not, some of the foods you absolutely love are actually very good for you, it's usually just about how to cook it!

*Exercise...(don't push that X in the upper corner)! Start out slow, you didn't gain the weight in a day, you won't loose it that fast either! Walking for just 20 minutes can help you loose weight! A month ago I started walking just 20 minutes and  now I am up to 30 minutes of speed walking with some running thrown in! Once you start and get the hang of it your body will crave it!

*Most of all take it one day at a time and don't put it off until tomorrow.

I will continue to put helpful tips and recipes as I learn more about the process myself.
If you have other questions, just ask below or tweet them to me @TheCedarSeasons
*Take A Good Look Around*
So with the change of the new year, my blog is taking a few new turns as well. Please look around and check out what's new and the changes we have made.  We've added our seed swap page as well as our Weekly Living Challenge and changed a few of the other pages.

I've added my newest recipe to the recipe page!
Healthier Savory French Toast

Click Here for the Recipe

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I hope you have found some useful information and if you aren't already a follower please do before you go!

Blessings Always
~The Cedar Seasons~


  1. Lots of good tips and advice you gave us - and I love your rocker. Nice job!!

  2. The little chair turned out so cute! It looks brand new now! Great ideas for healthy living, too! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comments girls! The chair took some time, but it was worth it!

  4. Hi.. Just found your blog through Christine.. You did a lovely job on your old chair and your toast recipe sounds great too..
    Blessings from Eastern Canada..xo

    1. Thank you so much! : )
      I hope you have a blessed day!


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