Wednesday, February 19, 2014

House Tour (Before & After)

I have decided that it's time to show you my home. Many of you know that my family and I live in a cabin, prepare yourself it's VERY modest. It is our 'starter' home and maybe our future vacation home...I guess only time will tell. When we bought our home it was not 'pretty' enough to live in 24/7, so my parents, husband, brother and I made several changes. We have now settled in quite well and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else right now, it has been perfect for us!
I'll begin with the least changed rooms then move onto the most changed rooms...
The loft bedroom is also our 'master' bedroom.
 It's not huge but everything fits perfectly!
We didn't change anything, just added curtains and a few wall decorations.
Our family room is also our TV room and our son's play area!
This is just one side of it, but I'll show more of it at the end of this post.
We also didn't change much here, just added some beautiful wall d├ęcor and the couch and rug!
The one and only bathroom, yup that's how small our cabin is!
We changed the flooring, and we are planning to paint the walls this spring.
The butterfly curtain and rug have now changed, see what it looks like now at the end of the post!
Our son's small bedroom...
We didn't do much in here except change the wall color, of which our son picked out!
The eat in portion of the kitchen, so we'll call this space the dining area.
This room has the most change; notice the white door 'blinds' have been changed to brown curtains, the walls are no longer plaid and hunter green and the flooring is different!

Now my favorite part inside our home!
The kitchen is where I spend most of my time, this is the room that screamed potential before we bought the house.
For the size of the house the kitchen is HUGE, okay not massive but look how much cabinet space!
And yes they are custom cedar cabinet doors!
Here are a few more pictures...things have changed a little since our major before and after projects!
More of the kitchen and dining area!

Bathroom and hallway!

Family Room and Stairs 



I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my home! After the weather starts to warm up for good I'll be able to get outdoor before and after pictures together, let me know if you would be interested in those and let me know what you think about our before and after work!
*What's Coming Up*
In the next few weeks I'll be posting about making maple syrup, spring crafts for kids and more delicious recipes. I am also trying to get in touch with a blogger or youtuber that would be interested in doing a cupcake/cake/cake pop collaboration and giveaway. If you know of any bloggers that might be interested let me know, or send them here, I have some great ideas!
Blessings & Love


  1. Beautful. Treasure your home and the love inside it. Everything you do to improve it or make it more to your style reflects the happiness you feel within its walls. Hugs, Maggie

  2. My father-in-law lives in a log cabin. It is a neat space. I enjoyed the tour... thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Lyn, Your home looks so comfy and cozy. Always love seeing before and after shots. Look forward to the outside ones.


  4. Hi Lyn,
    I love your have done some wonderful changes. I must say I'm happy you done away with the hunter green plaid. I like your choices.


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