Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Old Chair Makeover (Re-Post)

After having this chair for 26 years and being used by two children, I thought it was time to fix it up for my son. I hope you enjoy the before and after as much as I did!

*Refashioning the Old*
I finally finished up the rocking chair I used as a child.

Above: I had already taken the screws out! Look at the wear and tear of 26 years!
Below: The rocker portion, pretty decent shape after all this time!
But in desperate need of a makeover.
I had to remove the upholstery and stuffing as well as sand it down!
After a few new folds of fabric, nice new dark stain, clear finish and a few rounds on the sewing machine....here is the finished product!
The finish is darker, but the flash brightened it up too much!

My son loves it so much!
Most of the time when it's not in use his stuffed animal toy dog, Charlie, sets here! 

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  1. That turned out very nice Lyn. Great job.



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