Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Day to Spring

Spring officially begins on Thursday, and I have already began decorating.
Easter is without a doubt one of my favorite Holidays, okay so yes they are all my favorites, but this one is exceptionally special for each and every person on Earth. We are blessed! 

                      *Eggs, Eggs, Everywhere*

I have placed two baskets of plastic eggs on the stairs, somehow they have managed to avoid being knocked over (so far), while I try to remember to bum fishing line off of my dad and brother so I can use it to hang the eggs on the tree in our front yard. I hope to have it finished before the week is over!
Do any of you still carry this tradition at your home?
I also have a cute little basked filled with Easter fun sitting in the living room. It's actually the basket I use for my son's Easter Basket. Guess I'll have to empty it before Easter Sunday!

*Easter Tree Craft*
I picked this idea up from Pinterest, I'm not sure if I used the exact items from that pin but I winged it and I think it's super cute. I also used a hot glue gun and it worked really well. I thought it might melt the Styrofoam but it didn't! The glitter eggs came from the dollar general, the Easter grass may have also came from there (but I can't remember), and the cone came from Hobby Lobby (yes I used a 40% off coupon).  To make it at home make sure you glue the eggs on first, then the grass.

Hope you enjoyed these photographs and that they have inspired you to decorate for Spring if you haven't already!

Blessings Always



  1. Your Easter Tree craft is adorable. Come on spring!

    1. Wendi,
      I couldn't agree more, I know it's out there somewhere! I wish she would come out from hiding.

      Thank you so much!!


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