Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Best Sweets Channels on YouTube

I will be posting twice today because I just have to share a few YouTube channels. I am doing this by my own freewill and am not affiliated with any of the creators I mention below. I am solely doing this to share my YouTube obsessions with you all! I am also not adding the links, I feel that if you are as intrigued by the names and my reviews then you will want to find them!
Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
~She makes some super fantastic fancy sweets, that are easy to create.
She also puts out great recipes and measurements for each of her creations!
Julia M Usher
~If I had this much talent! She makes exquisite cookie creations!
If you need it made with a cookie and decorated to the nines, she can do it!
~She loves creating rainbow desserts, need I say more?
She has quick easy tutorials and they always look amazing!!
~She is a creating machine! She is always coming up with amazing new creations!
I never thought I could make cupcakes look like the professionals, but with her videos I can!
(My All-Time Favorite)
How To Cook That
~She is a true genius in the kitchen!
She has made everything from gigantic snickers bars to petit chocolate feathers.
She also breaks down each recipe so it's easy for the amateur to recreate!
I hope these wonderful ladies don't mind me putting them here on my post and I also hope you check them out for yourself!

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