Monday, March 24, 2014

Easter Countdown Craft

I am so excited about this post (and the upcoming ones)! My weekend was filled with Easter crafting and making. It's definitely beginning to be that time of year where all my ideas go crazy in my head and I end up making/creating more than any person needs! So get ready for them all!
 *A Dozen Days of Easter*
 The first fun craft is this adorable Easter Countdown. I know most of us with kiddos do a countdown to Christmas, and I thought both of these Holiday's are extremely important so why not do a countdown for Easter as well!
This craft, although extremely fun, takes a bit of forethought. You'll need 12 plastic Easter Eggs, 1 paper egg carton, scrap/construction paper, hot glue, green paper grass, colored sharpies, decorations (stickers, glitter of whatever you have) and of course 12 treats, notes or toys.
Using your crafting supplies decorate the top, it does not have to look exactly like mine, but make it custom for the child (or adult) you are creating it for! After the outside is decorated, open up the carton and decorate the inside top. It just happened that my egg carton had the perfect Bible Verse for the occasion, so I made sure to showcase it well. Then using the glue, add grass to the outer edge of the egg separators. Make sure you let the glue cool or dry before putting in the eggs. Label each egg from 1 to 12, add the treats and place the eggs in the carton!
Then begin on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 by opening the first egg (or your kiddos will). You can either begin with the number twelve to count backwards or begin with one and count up the days.
*Have Fun*
I hope you have enjoyed this little crafting idea!
Make it for someone you love, they will be thrilled with it, my son is!
There is more exciting and fun Easter/Spring crafts and recipes coming soon, follow us to be sure you don't miss them!
Blessings Always

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  1. Never thought about a easter countdown. Will definately do this for my nieces. Oh and the calender arrived this morning. Thank You! Warm Blessings! Amy


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