Saturday, March 22, 2014

Greenhouse Effect (Family Style)

I know that I have been getting posts up three times a week, on M, W, F but yesterday was a busy day for me. After work we spent the evening at my parents place, so I am sorry for not being consistent!! But any who!
*A Greener House*
We managed to put up our new greenhouse as a family on Thursday. It was such a fun time together, we even had our son in on it. Granted we did try to make it as educational as possible but it ended up being very fun!
(We separated each part by letter name, then labeled the box so we could just ask our son for a letter part, great way to practice letter recognition)!


(The frame before the shelves, we also used zip ties to ensure the shelves would stay in place)
Now I am ready to get some seeds going, I think we are going to do several types of tomatoes (this is our best plant so far to grow), peppers, herbs, squash, and more I'm sure. I also have some garlic started in the house already. I am surprised on how fast it started, I thought it would be a slower process, considering how small they start out, in just a few short days we have green tops about two inches. If I can get them going well outside in the green house I'll do a DIY post on it and share with everyone. I also have that celery going, and if it amounts to anything I'll also do a post on it!
*Spring Wishes*
Well I definitely hope you have been able to enjoy some sunshine, where ever you are! I have made contact with a couple bloggers to work on a collaboration project, make sure you are following to find out all the fun recipes, projects and ideas we have to share!
Blessings Always

(You can make this Easter Tree at home, Simple & Inexpensive)


  1. have fun growing all your plants.

  2. Good Morning! I love your greenhouse~~I always wanted to get one of those and didn't know how they were but yours looks terrific! You are going to grow amazing things for your garden! Maggie


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