Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kitchen Creations

We have had a couple wonderful warmer days here in KY, but today has brought a cold spell. The temperature is dropping every hour and the wind & rain has really picked up. I just pray that there isn't snow accumulation tonight. I am sick of the fluffy white stuff, I need warmth and sunshine! (As I sat typing, small bits of hail started to hit the metal roof). Yup, I shouldn't have spoke about the weather! Oops!
*We're Having Fun in the Kitchen*
Of course with a cooler day it's best to stay inside, so I've picked a couple of my favorite creations from the past week to share!

*Camo Cupcake*
The first is this super cute camouflage cupcake, my little man and I decided that we will be making these for my brothers high school graduation since he is a hardcore hunter!
~Make em' at Home~
Regular white cake mix, gel food coloring in black, green and brown, printer (for the deer toppers), tooth picks and icing! Separate the prepared cake mix into three bowls, color each bowl a different color. Layer the colors in the cupcake papers and bake! Top with frosting and deer pic.

*Rice Noodles*
The second item I've made is rice noodles. I ended up using my sweet and sour sauce (recipe here) and just made a basic sweet and sour shrimp stir fry over rice noodles. It was the first time I had made rice noodles. The directions didn't work out for me so I placed the noodles in warm water and brought it to a boil, I let it boil for about three minutes then drained it immediately. They were perfect!

*Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies*
I also whipped up a batch of gluten free peanut butter cookies. I did begin with a store bought mix but I added 1/4 cup of light brown sugar and two heaping table spoons of creamy peanut butter. I only baked them for 9 minutes (instead of the preferred 15). They were yummy and my husband was thrilled to have warm chewy cookies for the first time in years! You should try it out, Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Cookie Mix, Low Sodium and Wheat Free! It's a great mix if someone in your family is gluten intolerant or wheat allergic.


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I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and plan to make some of the recipes soon!
Blessings Always 


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  1. I could eat some of those peanut butter cookies now. .smile...Amy


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