Friday, March 07, 2014

Maple Tree Tapping

As winter is hopefully coming to a close for this season, the Maple tree tapping season is coming to a close. Unfortunately I have managed to delete my photos of the spiels and buckets hanging on the trees. I'm not sure if I'll be back at their place before he takes them down for cleaning, so we might have to wait for pictures until next winter. My dad has always been a farmer, gardener and bee keeper; he is one that prefers knowing where his food comes from, well this past year he also took on being a 'sugarmaker'. He has had so much fun trying it out and he is hooked; as well all are.

I never dreamed it would be such a lengthy (but fully rewarding) task. I was surprised to learn how much 'sugarwater' it actually takes to make just a little bit of pure maple syrup, then the straining and boiling. If it sounds like too much, please do not let that scare you, it is fully worth it. Just like gardening I would say, you put the work in and you are able enjoy the harvest. Same goes will all things in life, including good ol' pure maple syrup.
Well after all of his hard work and dedication he has now produced several quarts! And it is delicious. He obviously has a bit to learn yet, but our family will sure enjoy his labors of his love! We haven't "graded" our Home Harvested Kentucky Maple Syrup yet (only by taste, it gets an A) but hopefully next season we'll get that kit!

*Try It Out*
After my dad had gotten interested in maple tree tapping, I skowered the web looking for the right products to get him started. We decided to order from Tap My Trees, and we were impressed. They even offered to assist in any way they could and even have great tips and tricks on their website.
*Warm Wishes*
I hope this big stack of pancakes has you wanting to mark your maple trees for the next season!
I hope you are still staying (or continue to stay) warm!
Blessings Always


  1. Now that is a "sweet" skill to have!

  2. The syrup looks amazing. It looks so thick & yummy sitting on top of those beautiful pancakes. Yum!


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