Wednesday, March 05, 2014


...Turn This Stupid Fat Rat Yellow...
Okay so no I'm not making a post about Harry Potter, but I have been doing a lot of watching of it lately. Being stuck inside is a real bummer.
But I can see the sunshine, I am hoping for daisies and I might have been cooking with butter and marshmallows, so the quote reference works right? Eh, anyway...
Okay so those of you without a Harry Potter obsession I apologize profoundly.
I guess you now know that I am a bit of a nerd! : )
*Yummy Nummys*

I have been busying myself with a new recipe and I have to share it with each of you. I'm sure all of you love (or have at least tried) caramel apples and snickers bars. I'm not quite sure how I hadn't run onto this recipe before, but it is truly AMAZING! I had bought the ingredients to make it for church last Sunday but it was cancelled due to inclement weather, well with apples in my house if they aren't used within the first day of purchase they wont be around long. My son has a great love for good Ol' Granny Smith. Luckily I whipped it up quickly enough my apples weren't snagged! Everyone in the house loved it!

 Yes, caramel apple snickers salad...
I used three large granny smith apples, washed and diced. I did leave the skin on to add nutrients and color! Three regular size snickers bars (and a few mini's I had in the candy container) also diced. One regular box of instant pudding, prepared with milk. One 8oz tub of regular cool whip and some Hershey's caramel sauce.
~Fold the cool whip into the prepared pudding, then fold in the apples and snickers. Once well combined drizzle with caramel sauce. (Yes once I dipped it out into serving containers, I drizzled a little more)! 
**This recipe makes quite a bit, perfect for a crowd....a family or church gathering. But I was thinking of ways to make a single or double serving only? Single serve pudding cups! It would make the perfect amount for my little family and none to hang out in the fridge yelling my name!
*Blessings As Always*
I hope you are having a wonderful day.
How are you keeping busy during this last leg of winter (I hope)?
If you missed my last blog post featuring a St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Cupcake


  1. You always make everything FUN! Love the pretty cupcakes, too! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  2. Your dish seems to be delicious. Love caramel!!

  3. Wow! That sounds amazing & looks beautiful. Your rainbow cupcakes are incredible as well.


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