Monday, March 31, 2014

Yummy Frozen Yogurt Eggcicles

If you have little ones at home this treat will be extra fun, especially since Easter will be here in just a few short weeks. But adults will love them too, trust me ; )
We love yogurt at our house, and since most of the companies have went all natural with their dyes, it makes for a fun activity to try new flavors and find out which my son loves the most. He decided on blue berry and lemon for our frozen version.

*After a bit of searching on my part I found about 6 plastic eggs that had no holes in them, it's harder than you would think!
*I cut off the curved part of the wider end of the eggs.
*After washing them and allowing them to dry, I used a bit of safflower oil to line the inside of each egg. (A couple drips will go a long way)!
*I placed the eggs inside an egg carton cut in half, the perfect size for the freezer.
*I grabbed a few popsicle sticks and two zippy bags.
*Spoon the yogurt into the bags, cut off the tip and squeeze into the eggs.
*Fill to about 1/4 inch from the open part of the egg, the yogurt will expand when it's frozen. (I made the mistake of not doing this)!
*Place a popsicle stick in each egg and freeze. Over night is best!
**For some added fun, sprinkle in some chopped fruit!

I hope you are able to enjoy these at home, my son loved them and I know your kiddos will too!

Blessings Always

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