Friday, April 25, 2014

Better Late....

...Than Never. Right?

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Weekend and also a wonderful week. 

I have been so busy with work, celebrating and also my new found volunteer position...T-Ball Coach. Yes, I am a yes-woman! So please don't ask me to volunteer for anything else, haha!
 It's been so fun, but it's got me running circles!

Now to what's been happening over at the Cedar Cabin?

My hubby turned thirty.
He was a little down in the dumps, but jeez at least he's alive and healthy!
These are the cakes I made, yes gluten free!
I just used sliced up cupcakes! Simple to make with a big wow factor!
*Easter Photos*
My husband and I took our son to a local KY State Park to hunt for eggs.
(We took him when he was one, so he was able to hunt with the other little ones in a separate section). This year, however, he was "old enough" to hunt with all the big (up to 14 y/o) kids, and he is only 3! But thankfully it turned out really well, ^ these are the eggs he found. They hid about 2,000 and six of those were prize eggs. Can you spot the pink/green egg with the writing on it? Yup, he found one of the six, lucky little guy! He received a ten dollar KY State Park gift card!

After the egg hunt, we headed over to my parents for an amazing Easter Dinner. I made this little guy, a box of gluten free cake mix, yard sale bunny pan, coconut and homemade chocolate ganache. Everyone loved it! (We ended up eating it with ice cream)!

The family egg hunt has become a short occasion, since our family is growing up. But I've learned a long time ago, stick some bills in those eggs and anyone will hunt! (Aka, my 17 y/o brother)! My son was running for a yellow one just out from him, he loves egg hunts so much we've had about 20 total...with empty eggs! Please tell me other kiddos want to do that too! : )
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  1. Glad you had a great Easter.

    Have fun with your T ball team.

  2. Have fun with t-ball. The years go by so fast!


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