Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Easter Traditions

*Eggs In The Tree*
The little tree in our front yard has been all egged out! I of course love it for all the rainbow colors! Just another reminder that those colors will be emerging soon with the flowers, birds and butterflies.

*Beautiful Sunshine*
After many weeks of cold weather we have finally broken the streak and are now experiencing 70 to 80 degree days, and it is wonderful! My brother and dad took my son fishing and we took a nice peaceful hike. Sadly we found a couple ticks on my brother, thankfully I had used some bug repellant on my little guy. (We use the all natural by off, it's great)! Are you enjoying any sunshine yet?

I hope each and everyone of you are having a wonderful, relaxing week.
Be sure to check back in a few days, the biggest giveaway and collaboration will be posted!
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Blessings Always

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  1. We are having spring weather here in Pa but not quite as warm as yours.

    Ticks are bad news.


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