Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Giving Myself A Mommy Raise

Mom can you, mom will you, mom is this, mom can we, mom are we?
I LOVE being a mommy, it is the best job I've ever had!
 But as a working and coaching momma and wife I find myself beat by Friday, and that's just when my duties begin! After running errands, ball practice and feeding the crew it's hard to find a few minutes for me!
Thankfully I managed to find some time this weekend!
You're probably thinking Pedi or maybe even a nap?
I managed to find time to go to Target!
Yes Target!
Or as I like to say Tarjay : )
I spent a couple hours (thanks to my mom watching my son) browsing around, and managed to find some great deals, bought three bags of merch. and I only spent $24.00!! They had a lot of their Easter items on 75% off clearance. And to top it off I found a cute spring outfit!
After getting some (much needed) me time, I felt so excited and rejuvenated I was ready to get home and share my great deals with my family.
So for all of you amazing mommas (and papas) out there, don't forget to make time for yourself. Whether it be a 10 minute nap, spending 10 dollars online or even stopping by the local dairy bar for a milkshake; don't forget the importance of YOU! You can't run a family on an empty tank!
*I have been asked to talk to all of my wonderful readers and followers about the importance of rewarding yourself and giving yourself a little something for all the work you do!
So go ahead, give yourself some love! You deserve it!
Special Thanks to Raise.com for asking me to do this post!
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