Sunday, July 27, 2014

Craft Store Haul

Have you went shopping lately? Most of the craft stores are working hard to clearance out their spring/summer stock. So what did I do? I stocked up!
I'll begin from left to right!
Clear plastic sea shell molds-actually grabbed these new from a yard sale! (Then used them a week later for a cake)!
American Flag style diner baskets- perfect for my little guy and his snacks/meals! Easy clean up!
July 4th Cupcake Wrappers- I just adore these...I'm thinking I could use them for any occasion! Who doesn't love red, white, blue and stars?
Soap making kit-found this baby on 40% off clearance because the box was bent! What!?! My son and I have already made soap!
Large birthday candles-From the tag you can guess where I grabbed these...but candles for a quarter! Yes, please!
American Style paper straws- who doesn't need a straw?
Cake'n items- luster dust, clear vanilla and turquoise gel paste. (Needed these for a special cake)!
Two (yes two) tubes of swirl cake icing!-
Circle cookie cutters-scalloped on the back! I was so excited to find this set! (Scalloped on the reverse)!
Mini Chinese take out boxes- Used these for a special party!
Bright colored cups & two baskets- Actually using these for two special things!
Think I bought enough? Me either! Haha!
I hope you've enjoyed this post!
Come back soon for more fun things!!


  1. I buy most of my crafty things on clearance. I spent this weekend sorting everything into photo boxes. I am ready to get crafting!

    1. I use those photo boxes for everything....except photos! They are the perfect size!!


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