Monday, July 14, 2014

Make It Monday-Molded Chocolate

For my very first...
I've decided to share about something that has taken much trial and error. Molding chocolate from melting wafers. I know that most of you will know how to melt and use chocolate to create molded masterpieces but I thought I would share a few things I've learned.
 Grab a few tools...

-Plastic or silicone chocolate mold
-Offset spatula & a spoon
-Paint brushes ('ll learn why)
-Double boiler (medium cooking pot with a large glass bowl)

And these things too...

-Candy wafers or molding chocolate
-Luster/pearl dust (optional)

Begin with this...
Fill the pot half way with tap water, be sure to place your bowl on top to test the water level.
The water cannot touch the bottom of the bowl or it will cause the chocolate to burn.
 I pour in three-quarters of the bag of chocolate, and begin to heat the water on medium heat.
(While the water is warming up it's a good idea to wipe out your mold with a clean dry cloth)
Before you stick a spoon or spatula into your chocolate ensure there are no water droplets (this will cause the chocolate to seize). Once the chocolate begins to melt, gradually stir to ensure even heating. After just a few minutes the chocolate will be melted nicely. Now to the part I might get yelled at....
Remove your bowl from the heat source and add in the remaining chocolate and allow it to set for a few seconds, then stir until all chocolate is melted. ----I know, I know---- this doesn't have coco butter, but trust me it will harden nicely and come out of the mold easily with a nice bright shine.

With mold ready...
Using a spoon or chocolate ladle, pour chocolate into each mold cavity. If you overfill don't worry, we'll fix that in a minute. Be sure to tap the mold gently against the counter, do this several times to release any air bubbles that formed during the mixing and stirring. If there is chocolate running out of the cavities, use the offset spatula to scrape off excess chocolate (put it back in the bowl)!
Place your mold in the refrigerator until nicely firm, no less than twenty minutes. (Do not freeze)
After the cool off time...
It should look like this! No air bubbles and no voids.
Place the mold back on the counter and tap it gently like you did to release air bubbles. This will help the chocolate unmold. You can now either use your fingers to pop them out or turn it over on a clean dry towel.
Make them pretty! 

Using a clean dry paint brush, dust on a bit of luster dust and place on your favorite desserts, cakes or cupcakes as decoration.
I'll show you what I used them on during my Fix-It Friday post!
I hope you enjoyed this mini-tutorial blog.
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