Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time to Breathe

As we enter the end of September, I have come to realize just how much I have missed blogging. I love being able to create, share, visit and make new friends, but somehow I have managed to do anything but. I guess you could say that I am finally putting my foot down. I am sitting down to draw up a schedule, give myself at least one day a week. I always have so much inspiration, but never give myself the time to elaborate. I am determined!
*Ending of Summer*
As I look back over the past couple months, I will say that I have had a truly blessed summer. I could not complain about it at all. In fact, I can say that something that occurred over the summer is what has been keeping me so busy. I'll give you a picture recap....

During the last few weeks of June, my hubby, son, mom and brother headed to Florida for a family vacation to the beach and Universal Studios. It was a blast, it was my second time to Universal but first time since the opening of The Wizarding World. It was amazing! My son and I were in love with it!! We have a bit of a Harry Potter problem!
Then we did several family projects! This one was my all time favorite! We picked up the cheap tie-dye kits from Target (2 colors for 3 dollars) and this is how it turned out. I was super impressed.

The most amazing part of my summer came when....three days before my birthday....I got the news I had been waiting for ALL SUMMER! My very own classroom! This is my DREAM job at the most amazing school EVER! My second year teaching, but my first year in first grade!

 (These were taken during the chaos of bringing things in and out! I'll post more pictures in the next couple of weeks!)

*Yummy Snacks*
These ranch pretzels are delicious! Check out the recipe here....
*Thank You For Your Support*
I want to thank each and everyone of my subscribers and all the new ones to come. Thank you for hanging in there and not leaving me! I love you so much and YOU mean the world to me! Be sure to check back each week for a new craft, giveaway or recipe!



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    1. I taught 2nd grade my first year and it was amazing. I have subbed in all grades... 1st and 2nd are my favorite!!

      Thank you!!


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