Friday, January 02, 2015

After Christmas Crafting

Happy New Year! I hope each of you have had a wonderful Holiday season!
I've been spending my time with my family and we've been crafting!
 I always think the second best time to craft for the Holidays is after!
Why? 1/2 off $ALES!!
Don't get me wrong, I love crafting before the Holidays but when you can get everything 1/2 off (or More)...why not?!?
Every year we purchase those adorable advent calendars for our family, but quite often we end up with some less than desirable chocolates. I'm thinking this simple little craft will become a new tradition and allow for the purchase of some better tasting count down treats.
What'd ya think?

 ...My Deals...
 Trendy Expressions number decals from A.C. Moore for $1.00 at 70% off!
Geometric Purple/Green/Blue Ribbon for less than $2.00 at 50% off!
Mini ornaments 10 for $1.00-I bought these before Christmas.
Cookie sheets-from the dollar store for $1.00 (regular price).
I also used a few rub-on decals I had from a previous craft, to add a few colorful additions to our count down tree.
...remember all pictures can be pinned straight to your board...
Thanks for stopping by!!

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