Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Washi Tape Orginzation

After moving into our new home, it was a goal of mine to have a designated craft space. I knew that organization had to be a top priority, because although we had moved into a larger home (you guys remember my 600 sq. ft. starter cabin right?) there is no stand alone room as an office/craft space. Which meant my craft space would also double as a guest bedroom and possibly a workout room. I wanted the space to be easily cleaned when guest were due, but also convenient for crafting.

I started with my Washi Tape...
I, like many crafters out there, bought those large clear plastic hardware/fishing lure divider trays. At first I loved how it kept my washi tape organized, but I began to notice that I wasn't utilizing all the tape I had because it was a pain to pull out all of my trays every time I was creating my planner and I began running out of space when I bought new tape. I started to notice that I had open real-estate on the side of my bookshelf and wanted to figure out how to utilize that space.

*My Lightbulb Moment*
Create a way to display my washi tape on the side of my bookshelf.
What I bought?
3M Command Hooks & Precut Dowel Rods

I paid less than $10.00 for this system and I LOVE it!! It's out of the way, visible so I can see them to use, and it adds an element of d├ęcor to my craft space!

I hope you can use this idea in your craft space to organize your washi tape!!
If you organize yours in a different way, please leave a comment telling me what works for you!!

Thanks for reading & as always...Let the Seasons Inspire You!

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