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I want all of my readers to know that....

All content on this blog is original work created by the blog owner, unless indicated!
Any item I use for review will be credited to the creator and I will place direct links so you can purchase your own.
All product reviews are my opinion only.
All products are purchased with my own money!
Please give credit for any items you share from this blog and recommend this site if you like it!
Do not take credit for content on this blog.
Do not take content from this blog.
If you like the recipes you see, you are more than welcome to write them down for your own personal use. Please share the blog name with others so they too can enjoy the many recipes and ideas I share.
All giveaways are items I have purchased unless otherwise indicated.
I do not get paid for any of my blog posts.
I do not get paid for my recipes.
I do not get paid for having followers it just makes me super happy!
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